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An Exclusive Retreat for Christian Women

Deep Calls unto Deep (Ps. 42:7)

Come where the Depths of your Soul can reconnect to the Depths of God.
This retreat is designed to nourish your spirit, enrich your soul, and deepen your faith.

Hey Beautiful People!!! Are you ready to go DEEPER? This retreat was birth out of God’s heart to take us DEEPER. Together we will allow the Holy Spirit to uncover, unearth, and uproot what has been holding us back from flourishing in every area of life.

Retreat Highlights 

Inner Healing Workshops:

Participate in empowering workshops and interactive sessions centered around topics such as transforming your mind, renewing your heart, releasing the fear, stepping into the REAL YOU. Be equipped with practical tools and biblical wisdom to navigate life’s challenges.

Prayer and Soul Reflection:

Create sacred moments of reflection and prayer as you seek personal breakthroughs and divine guidance. Experience the transformative power of prayer in a supportive and nurturing environment.

Soul-Nourishing Art Therapy:

Creative expressions that encourage participants to tap into their inner creativity and express their soul’s voice. This can be a cathartic and soul-nourishing experience.

Marriage Counseling


Forge authentic connections with fellow Christian women on the same faith journey. Share testimonies, encouragement, and heartfelt conversations as you build a network of like-minded sisters who inspire and uplift each other.

Nature Walks and Contemplation:

Immerse yourself in the beauty of God’s creation as you embark on nature walks, allowing His wonders to rejuvenate your spirit and foster a deeper sense of gratitude and awe.

Wholesome and Nourishing Cuisine:

Delight in wholesome, delicious meals prepared with love and care, reflecting our commitment to nourishing both body and soul. Experience the joy of fellowship around the table as you savor meals that honor your faith and well-being.
Marriage Counseling

Soul Spa:

Rejuvenate with a massage or facial as you relax and be pampered by our exclusive spa staff. Enjoy the tranquil space as you receive much needed wellness.


Arriving October 13 at 5 PM

Departing October 15 at 11 AM.

Your investment includes your room, meals, classes, and soul care activities.
All rooms are shared with 2 other retreaters.
If you would like a private queen room, there is an additional $150 investment assessed to your total.
Please Note:
$100 dollar of your first payment is considered a non-refundable administrative processing fee. Monies will only be refunded if retreat is canceled.

Benefits of this Retreat

Enhanced Soul-Care and Soul-Awareness:

Through reflection, group sharing, and individual exercises, you will gain insights into your own needs, values, and beliefs, and learn healthy ways to care for yourselves so that you can continue to serve others from a place of authenticity and wholeness.

Renewed Spiritual and Emotional Well-Being:

Through thoughtful meditation with God, journaling, and other soul-nourishing activities, participants can replenish their spirits, process their emotions, and connect with their inner selves in a deep and meaningful way.

Long-term Benefits

Investing in their soul care can lead to increased life-satisfaction, reduced mental and emotional burnout, and a deeper sense of purpose and fulfillment in life and relationships.
You don’t want to miss this transformative experience

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