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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of sessions do you provide?

Covenant Counseling Services, LLC provides Christian-based counseling services to uproot dysfunctional relational patterns that prevent indivduals from having healthy partnerships.  Services are provided to individuals, couples (dating & married), and premarital couples who are 18 years old and older.

How do I schedule an appointment?

Visit https://thecovenantcounselor.com to schedule a free 15-minute consultation or your initial counseling session with Covenant Counseling Services, LLC.

I scheduled a free 15-minute consultation. What should I expect?

Mrs. Miles will call you using the phone number provided on the scheduling intake form.

Do you offer virtual appointments?

Yes, virtual appointments are available.  It should be noted that although any scheduled appointment can be provided virtually, ALL Wednesday appointments will be scheduled as virtual visits. 

How much do you charge for therapy sessions?

If you have insurance coverages, you will be billed your required co-payment and/or deductible costs.  Please verify the specific costs by contacting your insurance company.  If you do not have healthcare coverage by Anthem (BC/BS of Georgia) or Aetna, your initial session will be $125 and all subsequent sessions will be charged at a rate of $95 per session.

I can’t afford your non-insurance prices due to financial hardship. Do you offer need-based pricing?

We believe access to quality mental health services should be accessible to everyone regardless of their income.  Our goal is to reduce the financial burden for our clients, current and potential, who desire to entrust us as a partner on their wholeness journey. If you desire to work with us and believe our fees would cause a financial hardship, please contact us to determine if you qualify for financial assistance

Do you accept insurance?

We only accept Blue Cross/Blue Shield and Aetna at this time. Upon scheduling an appointment, patients using insurance will also need to: (1) Upload a copy of your insurance card (front and back) to the online patient portal and (2) Provide the primary insurance holder’s name, date of birth, address, and phone number associated with insurance in the online patient portal.

How do I upload my insurance card?

Please follow the steps below to upload your insurance card.

  1. Take a picture of your insurance card (front and back) using your mobile device
  2. Request new link to the Simple Practice Client Portal using this link >>> Covenant Counseling Services, LLC | SimplePractice (clientsecure.me)
  3. Use the link that will be emailed to you to sign into your Simple Practice Client Portal
  4. Click on DOCUMENTS 
  5. Scroll down and select UPLOAD FILES.  Be sure to select and upload the front AND back images from your phone’s image gallery/library
Do you provide services for minors?

Covenant Counseling Services, LLC does not provide counseling services to minors at this time.

How can I contact you?

Feel free to email us at TheCovenantCounselor@gmail.com or call at (912) 677-2941.

I would like to make sure we are a good fit prior to scheduling my first appointment. Is that possible?

Visit https://thecovenantcounselor.com to schedule a free 15-minute consultation with Covenant Counseling Services, LLC.

What is the physical address of your office?

All services are provided virtually at this time.