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Dr. Miles is more than a therapist, counselor, coach; unlike most in her field, she has the ability to intuitively connect with her clients, reveal blockages to growth, and provide strategies for true change. She is warm and engaging, yet dynamic and passionate when it comes to empowering inner healing, transformation, and wholeness. Partnering with Teneka creates an instantaneous positive change in your life. Her passion, honesty, personal engagement and an in-depth understanding of human behavior, relationships and spiritual transformation sets her apart in the field of counseling and spiritual development. She has unique way helping you to discover your true identity, purpose, and potential for which you were created.


Dr. Teneka G. Miles, LCSW, CCTP, BC-TMH is the Founder and CEO of Covenant Counseling Services, LLC.

In her 15+ years of experience, she developed SOUL CARE, a spiritual framework that focus on healing and change at its CORE:

  • Conscious
  • Order
  • Relationships
  • Embodiment

With an array of personal experiences, she is a master at relating to others. She is known as a friend to all. She has authored three powerful books about successfully overcoming the effects of trauma and being made whole. She has several online devotionals on YouVersion (the Bible app). 

When Teneka is not partnering with clients for healing and growth, she is hosting SOUL CARE retreats. She equally enjoys family time with her husband and four adult children. A perfect day would have to include a great cup of coffee, a good book, with thunder and rain to accompany. She has learned to find joy in simplicity, peace in silence, and faith in the unchangeable love of God


Georgia, LCSW (005469)

Doctorate of Education in Counseling Certified Clinical Trauma Professional 
Board Certified Telemental Health

    The Approach

    Trauma fragments/dis-orders our mind and block us from the awareness that we are one with God (the Creator and Source of our Wholeness). Christ-consciousness is the very embodiment of this awareness. This is not religion but a process of partnering with individuals and couples to bring them to the awareness of their wholeness so they may have an expanded quality of life. Transformation is done through gaining insight, uprooting, and releasing dysfunctional biopsychosocial, emotional, behavioral, and spiritual patterns developed due to relational trauma. These patterns (birth out of trauma) held in our conscious and subconscious, when no longer needed for survival, are damaging to self and others. 

    Christ-consciousness asserts:

    1.) Your identity is rooted in the truth that you are created for a higher/divine purpose: 

    Being concerned and trapped in intra/interpersonal pain blind and hinder us from being who we are created tobe. Our pain is an indicator something is not in alignment with our true-identity and purpose, and something has to change. This is usually the precursor to seeking support.

    2.) You are safe, stable, and secure possessing all the necessary relational essentials to achieve your purpose: 

    A sense of being whole is stripped away when our primal needs to be/feel safe, stable, and secure are notpresent in relationships. Being present, not avoiding, but inviting the wisdom of Christ in the space where youfeel a sense of fight or flight is key. The goal is to evolve through the pain, not escape it. This is the therapeuticand spiritual work that is done in session.

    3.) Your greatest work on this earth is to surrender to and be in service to God: 

    Surrender is our highest calling. Our healing is only possible through surrendering our patterns and welcominga new understanding (Christ-consciousness). When surrendered we are able to be vessels in service to God, ourCreator and Source that lives in us and through us. Here is our greatest desire we have yet come to know. 

    Welcome to TRUE

    Spiritual Awakening, Transformation, and Wholeness.


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