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Inner healing and wholeness are gifts that live within all of us. Trauma fragments/disorders our mind and blocks us from the awareness that we are one with God (the Creator and Source of our Wholeness). Christ-consciousness is the very embodiment of this awareness. This journey is not a religion but a process of partnering with individuals and couples to understand their wholeness so they may have an expanded quality of life.  Transformation occurs when one gains insight, uproots, and releases dysfunctional biopsychosocial, emotional, behavioral, and spiritual patterns developed due to relational trauma. These patterns are birthed out of trauma and held in our conscious and subconscious mind and, when no longer needed for survival, are damaging to self and others. 

Christ-consciousness asserts:

 Your identity is rooted in the truth that you were created for a higher/divine purpose 

  • Being concerned and trapped in intra/interpersonal pain can blind and hinder us from being who we were created to be. Our pain indicates something is not in alignment with our true identity and purpose, and something has to change. This awareness is usually the precursor to seeking support.

 You are safe, stable, and secure, all the necessary relational essentials to achieve your purpose 

  • A sense of being whole is stripped away when our primal need to be/feel safe, stable, and secure are not present in relationships. Being present, not avoiding, but inviting the wisdom of Christ in the space where you feel a sense of fight or flight is key. The goal is to evolve through the pain, not escape it. This process is the therapeutic and spiritual work that clients will do in a session.

 Your most significant work on this earth is to surrender to and be in service to God

  • Surrender is our highest calling. Our healing is only possible through surrendering our patterns and welcoming a new understanding (Christ-consciousness). When surrendered, we can be vessels in service to God, our Creator and Source that lives in us and through us. 

Welcome to your spiritual awakening, transformation, and wholeness.

In service and gratitude, 

Teneka G. Miles