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Your heart is a sacred vessel for trusting, believing, and receiving— when it remains broken, you are not able to live in the full power that aids the purpose for which you exist.
People are usually associated with our broken heart.  NEWS FLASH, we need (yes, I said need) relationships to fulfill our God-given destiny in life. Guess what, sometimes it’s the unhealthy people (the ones we want to throw away) that bring us to a SPIRITUAL AWAKENING!!!
This kind of spiritual awakening, the one that:
    • Causes us to come face to face with our own imperfections
    • Catapults us into a place of humility
    • Confines us to a time of restoration and building
From there, we can learn appropriate healthy boundaries.  On the contrary, when we are not spiritually awaken to God’s perfect Love for us—our broken heart reflects our RELATIONAL CAPACITY…. meaning, we struggle with having healthy connections (attachments).  Unhealthy connections/attachments can manifest in these ways, among several others:
    • We find that we are emotionally dependent (my feelings depend on your actions or our interactions)
    • We are preoccupied with the needs and feelings of others… (this is a back door to get our own needs met)
    • We have extreme rescue behavior (we think we are saving people, but we need to control other’s circumstances because we lack a sense of personal safety that comes from not feeling in control of our own lives)
But the greatest sign that our heart is broken is UNFORGIVENESS, which is a separate topic we will soon explore.
The Lord is near to the brokenhearted and saves the crushed in spirit (Ps. 34:18)

Father, show me the broken places in my heart. Let me embrace your word that states you are near to me. Empower me to release my offense and my offender—for you have offered me great mercy, therefore, may I return in kind.